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Skylights tunnel TWF

TWF skylight tunnel with a diameter of 35 cm (O14)


Skylight tunnel can be used in a residential area, where there is no natural light and the adaptation of the attic is not possible. The product should not be installed in rooms such as living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms. In such places, it is recommended the use of VELUX roof windows, which provide more daylight.
Skylight tunnel provides diffused light from the room under heating in summer and without loss of heat in winter.
Permissible angle of slope of the roof:
from 15 to 60 degrees - profiled roofing materials.
0d 35 to 60 degrees - flat cladding materials.

Product description

Tunnel skylight brings light into the room through a specially designed tunnel from roof to ceiling.

TWF - skylight with flexible tunnel

Selection of the skylight

The choice of the type of skylight depending on the distance from the roof:
* 0,4m - 1,85m - TWF
* 1.45M - 1,85m - TWR (when needed stronger doświetleniu)


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