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Drewart-Energy sp z o.o.

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Drewart-Energy sp z o.o.
Piłsudskiego 43, Kanie
05-805 Otrębusy
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+48 22 7585982

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DREWART company started business in 1981. Since 1996 we have infrared technology (heaters, infrared heaters, infrared lamps). Infrared SOLART started to produce since 2000, matching the modern technical solutions used in the renowned European companies. All the time we invest in upgrading technology products which are SOLART infrared (IR radiators). Now our company has Europe's largest selection of products such as infrared lamps and infrared heaters. We offer infrared lamps companies such as Phillips, Toshiba and Victory-Lighting. As one of the few we have on offer a wide range of radiators of power over six kilowatts per unit, and providing our customers with performance range of devices, we enable proper selection of radiators. To ensure proper thermal comfort we select the characteristics of the reflector (standard, wide-angle beam is) depending on the height and suspension equipment. We have the broadest portfolio in the market of short and medium infrared lamps such reputable companies as Philips, Toshiba, Victory. We invite all interested parties to read our, good Polish product, which are infrared SOLART. These radiators are a great competition with the whole family radiators, not only in the country but also in the world. Infrared heaters are an excellent system that provides heating of churches, halls, warehouses, workshops, etc. To date, we have designed heating churches in more than 800 buildings, of which over 400 have already been completed.