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The first impression is often the basis for the purchase of furniture, but only patterns that can survive the test of time, give the truth of the value of the Buyer. Many years of experience the company's employees "Gala Collezione" ensure that the selection of furniture from our collection is a selection of the successful. We know the market and the needs of our customers. The passion with which the daily start our work is proof of how much we like what we do and how much you care us full satisfaction of our customers.

The premise for our collection are the highest quality combined with the harmonious integration of form and function. Each selection of furniture from our collection is an expression of your expectations and dreams, is a step towards satisfaction and comfort and prestige. Our products are offered in two styles: modern and traditional. We provide our customers the flexibility of buying: both the set and in the selection of upholstery colors. The vast majority of our offer has the function of sleep.

Furniture Factory "Gala Collezione" was founded in 2001 by two enthusiasts of furniture, wanting to make something unique. It is a company with entirely Polish capital.

The idea behind the founding was the design and production of upholstered furniture in the skin.

In the initial phase of development of the company, the production was involved a dozen people on the basis of implemented models implemented the strategy of the existence and functioning on the furniture market.

Within a few years, the company was a huge success, becoming one of a number of major domestic manufacturers of upholstered furniture.

Furniture Gala are now available in all major showrooms in the country. The value of sales on the domestic market is close to 90% of the production value. The company also carries out foreign contracts with Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway, Ukraine and Lithuania.

Furniture Factory "Gala Collezione" today, it is nearly 500 crew members in 3 manufacturing plants and several cooperating companies.
Every year we increase sales growth by introducing more and more new models. Openness in creating new designs, quality and competitive price are the factors controlling our growth. We are a team of young people who are open to new challenges ...