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About company

Group FERRO is a company which is among the leaders in the sale of plumbing and heating industry in the Polish market, a recognized manufacturer in the European markets. The group includes companies such as:

  • Fondital Nova Florida Poland Ltd.,
  • AMG Just Valve Co. Ltd.

Profile of the Group's activity is the technique of sanitary and heating for complete sanitation systems and heating and air conditioning. Group product is very well diversified and is constantly extended with new brands and products.

FERRO company operates on the Polish market since 1992. As a result of transformations between October 2007 and became a public company. FERRO core business is the production and sale of sanitary fittings, installation, heating and air conditioning. The Company is also the exclusive representative of Italian companies: Caleffi, Cimm, Cewal and Dab, brand Midea, one of the largest manufacturers of air conditioning in the world and owner of the brand Weberman. The range is divided into two branches:

  • Sanitary Installation and include batteries bathroom and kitchen, showers and shower panels, bathroom accessories, fittings Flow: ball valves Water and gas ball valves, radiator valves, thermostatic heads, connectors, equipment installation of another type of flexible connectors.
  • This heating technology products Weberman: steel radiators, thermostatic heads for radiators, stoves as accessories for radiators; Company Caleffi: safety valves and control and installation; Company Cimm: expansion vessels for drinking water centalnego heating solar systems and boilers; Company Cewal: test fixture; Dab Company: pumps for what and air conditioning hydrophores household pumps for drinking water, wastewater; Midea's air conditioners split, cassette and portable.

The company places particular emphasis on the quality of products for the fulfillment of the requirements of the applicable standards, maintain the high technical, safety and functionality. It has implemented a Quality Management System ISO 9001.

Both products of the Company and its activities have been awarded prestigious awards, ie. European Medals, Bathroom Choice of the Year, Market Leader and Business Gazelles.

The company has its own, very well organized sales and service network and the Regional Representatives serving clients throughout the country.

Foreign sales network covers markets such as Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Russia, Ukraine and France.