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+48 32 453 03 14÷17

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Flagpoles, lampposts
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ALUMAST SA It is a Polish manufacturer of composite and aluminum lighting solutions and construction for the energy industry, railway, road infrastructure and advertising.

The company is an exporter present in more than 30 countries, and its core market is now Europe and South America and the Middle East. Alumast creates a capital group, which includes German company Alumast GmbH, Russian Alumast RU, SWE Sp. o.o., Energy Composites Sp. o.o.

Beautifully designed, colorful, weather-resistant, corrosion and vandalism poles with modern, fuel-efficient luminaires give a whole new look sports facilities, parks, streets and settlements, thereby changing the face of the entire public infrastructure. Products Alumast not require painting or maintenance, which makes the operating costs are negligible, and the lighting columns and other architectural elements are functional and aesthetic appearance for many years.

In recent years, the company expanded production profile and introduced a new quality by focusing on the production of solutions with composite polymer - glass. The composite is perfectly suited to the production of lighting poles, light for the road infrastructure. These solutions are innovative and safe: not a scrap value, not corrode are inexpensive and easy to maintain. Further characterized by durability, low maintenance costs and what is important - they are environmentally friendly. Qualities composite products appreciated in a compelling way many customers, but also institutions DeSIGn, testing and certification.

Also noteworthy is the innovative and ecological composite poles, which represent a new quality in the energy sector. It is a product of the company Energy Composites belonging to the group ALUMAST SA The latest offer Energy Composites are also mobile service lines for service failures and planned repairs of transmission networks. It is an innovative product, whereby breakdown of power is more efficient, and service providers are not exposed to high penalties associated with the crossing of the statutory time interruptions in energy supply.

Subsidiary Alumast, SWE, signed an agreement for the exclusive distribution in the Polish instrumentation (inverters) SolarMAX for photovoltaic systems.


 The company offers the following areas:

1. Composite lighting columns:

composite lighting pole, light pole with the model, pole broken pole on pedestrian crossings, lamp autonomous transmission pole, pole with lightning protection, Lumipole pillar of the phosphor, SmartPoles pole highly developed technologically, kompozytowo-aluminum poles, posts Road

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2. Flagpoles:

a) Composite masts Composite Cone - standard, super banner SUPERWINDTRACKER

b) Aluminum masts: cylindrical segment, portable masts Master 22m

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3. advertising systems: MULTI SYSTEM BANNER - advertising on poles, banner frame, frame facade, counters portable windery, beach flags, folding standard and banner

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 4. Fixtures of Benito Urban

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The composite light poles on the railway line Rybnik Chałupki