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RM GASTRO Polska Sp. z o.o.

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RM GASTRO Polska Sp. z o.o.
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Successful company builds team

Our offer is primarily high-quality devices manufactured in the European Union that meet the demanding production standards and systems to ensure reliability and safety. In the catalog you will find many proven and appreciated equipment, as well as news, which also affect the attractiveness and complexity of our offer. A wide selection of very good quality and reasonable price are the main elements that characterize the offer RM GASTRO.
Being aware of the advantages of our offer, we are also convinced that customer satisfaction affects primarily the work of our entire team. We are pleased that our work ranks of high-class specialists and people fully involved in the development of personal and professional development, for which gain most of all customers.
Thanks to our best partners offer RM GASTRO Poland is available throughout the country. Our partners perfectly know the specifics of local markets, quickly and accurately can respond to individual needs and requirements of customers based on the offer contained in the catalog.
It is this partnership and solid teamwork produce excellent results. RM GASTRO Poland has been recognized, among others, Forbes magazine and the daily Puls Biznesu. But the most important prize, which is achieved when the business is customer satisfaction, as well as partnerships with people with whom he works.
With the best wishes

David Riedel

The leader of Central Europe

Mark RM GASTRO was established in 1993 in the Czech Republic, where there are modern production facilities of the company. On the Polish market it has been known since 2003, and Slovakia in 1999. RM Gastro Group, together with the Czech, Slovak and Polish branch, is a leader in the production and sale of catering equipment in this part of Europe. In addition, each year the unit under the sign of RM gain following of satisfied users throughout Europe and the world.

The Czech Republic and Slovakia

The origins of the company RM GASTRO took place in the Czech Republic. There, the company operates the longest and is well known on the market. Manufacture takes place in the town of Veseli nad Luznici, where the modern factory. In Prague is located while the main sales department of the company. Six years after the start of production in the Czech Republic established a foreign branch in Slovakia, which is currently the leading company in the market.
In the Czech Republic there is also a factory combi steamers RETIGO that are offered by RM GASTRO Poland and are presented in the catalog.

The development of the Polish market

RM GASTRO exists in Poland since 2003. It is not a long time, but enough to Polish customers to assess and properly appreciate the device under the sign of RM.
Polish branch of the company has its headquarters in Ustroń. Despite the location in the picturesque place RM GASTRO Poland opted for modernity and the highest standards of service. The logistics company enables delivery of ordered goods within 24-48 hours throughout the Polish. Modern information systems and efficient organization allow you to quickly respond to customer needs in terms of equipment as well as accessories and spare parts.
It is the understanding of customer needs, a partnership approach and commitment the team made the RM GASTRO Poland is growing so fast. The company is also aware of the needs of balanced development in all areas of its business, to constantly improve the quality of services provided.