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Our company since 1998, spreading the idea of ​​controlled ventilation with the use of window air vents. We were the precursors of this idea on the Polish market, and today we are the only Polish manufacturer of ventilators automatically controlled. Our mission is to improve the indoor climate through the dissemination of simple energy-saving and low-cost solutions to widely used mainly in housing and utilities. We try to make our solutions can be used both on the newly built investment and on the huge market of thermo-modernization of buildings. The efforts of our company have contributed greatly to change the way of thinking about the need for ventilation zarówna among people associated with the process of construction, manufacturer and supplier of windows and above all among a large part of the users of apartments. We have partnered with the majority of Polish manufacturers of windows, the fruit of which is to install in their articles more than 500 000 diffusers. Our products are also used outside the country, exported either directly or indirectly by our odbiorców- window manufacturers.

Particular importance the company places on our knowledge and modernity. We have our own design and research. We create solutions characterized by high levels of innovation. Eight of our solutions have been submitted to the Patent Office. So far, four of them have obtained patent protection as inventions. The testing and evaluation of our products, we work with many centers of scientific research in the country and abroad.

We belong to a group of a few companies in the world, which introduced the first automatic control of the pressure in the diffusers window. Last year, we developed our own technology controlled air inlets improving existing solutions.

The activities of our company rebounded the progress in the construction of roof windows, the production area where Poland is a leader in the world. Our contribution concerns the construction of the world's first automatic ventilator dedicated to roof windows and roof windows design modification to the possibility of an integrated automatic ventilation device. Cooperation in this field began in 2000 with the company FAKRO. The solution we tested at the Institute for Window Technology Rosenheim, was presented for the first time with a window FAKRO exhibition BATIMAT in Paris. A year later, also with a window FAKRO has been awarded a gold medal at BUDMA 2001 in Poznan. Two years later, a window company OKPOL structure modified with our participation and our equipped with automatic air has also been awarded a gold medal at the BUDMA 2003.

Our integrated solutions for the ventilation of roof windows and automatic air vents to these windows have also been highly appreciated by another Polish manufacturer of roof windows OMAN company, which for several years been cooperating with us in this regard.