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C&C Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o.

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C&C Partners Telecom Sp. z o.o.
ul. 17 Stycznia 119, 121
64-100 Leszno
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Łukasz Łukowski, Product manager,, tel. +48 65 52 55 638

+48 65 525 55 55

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Now 20 years old C & C Partenrs operates in Poland. We are a member of the Dutch TKH Group. A dynamically developing company, built from podstawlub created in collaboration with existing entities already 65 companies in the world.

C & C is a company with great potential, offering complementary solutions in the sectors of telecommunications, data communications, and security. Most of these technologies is the property of TKH.

In the area of telecommunications we have a comprehensive solution ACE based on the traditional fiber-optic cables and modern modular cables, and micro-optic minicables. Technological base for us TKF, a manufacturer of fiber optic cables, which as one of the few plants in the world controls the production process from the fiber pre-form by the fiber optic cables.

In the case of ICT, we can talk about a new system of passive and active devices of the newest generation, which make up the LAN. Liabilities to structured cabling system Multimedia Connect based on years of experience in the IT industry. Assets fall while the device's Edge-Core, with the help of which you can build almost any network. Our solution ensures trouble-free operation of high-performance IT systems, converged networks, data centers and intelligent buildings.

In the segment of security the company offers a wide and interesting range. Replace certainly include: safety management system (SMS), access control (AC) system, intruder alarm (SSWiN), image analysis, CCTV, intercom systems, telephony, DECT and wiring for security systems. The technology most of the solutions in this area is the property of TKH Group. Concern among other things, the creator of the system iProtect, DIVA platform solutions Siqura®.

Most importantly, C & C, using the presented portfolio, created complementary solutions for facilities such as hospitals, highways, airports, stadiums, warehouses, office buildings and factories.

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C & C Partners Telecom Sp. z oo

ul. 17 January 119.121
64-100 Leszno
tel. 065 525 55 55
fax. 065 525 56 66
Helpline: 0800 160 404

C & C Partners Telecom Sp. z oo

Ursynów Business Park
ul. Puławska 303, entrance B
02-785 Warszawa
tel. 022 549 70 00
fax. 022 549 70 10

C & C Partners Telecom Sp. z oo

ul. raspberry 8
40-692 Katowice
tel. 032 201 78 90
fax. 032 201 78 95

C & C Partners Telecom Sp. z oo

ul. clearing 67c
80-302 Gdańsk
tel. 058 741 86 63
fax. 058 741 86 67