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Libet S.A.

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Libet S.A.
Powstańców Śląskich 5
53-332 Wrocław
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Kamil Drewczyński, coordinator,, tel. +48 602 792 242
Piotr Kułagowski , coordinator, , tel. +48 602 638 628
Tomasz Kopyra, coordinator,, tel. +48 602 638 643
Dawid Kuptz, coordinator,, tel. +48 604 538 014

+48 71-33-51-101

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Working with architects

In cooperation with our architects, we offer you advice on the selection of suitable material, as well as the execution of a free project management environment. The order includes the construction drawings in AutoCad and preparation of documentation containing material specification and calculation of the surface. As a result, you receive a finished project with full documentation and copyright laws that grant its further use.

To work on the project run smoothly, you must provide the following documents:

  • dimensioned a land development

  • a construction facility in the scale of 1: 100

  • color design of the facade or her photo

Cooperation with our architect begins by defining objectives and nature of the project. In the course of its implementation are practiced consultation and constant contact with the client. The waiting time for a ready concept does not exceed two weeks.