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INVADO Sp. z o.o.

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INVADO Sp. z o.o.
Dzielna, ul. Leśna 2
42-793 Ciasna
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Adam Hucz, Manager ,

Phone: +48/ 34/ 35 10 540
Fax: +48/ 34/ 35 35 602

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 INVADO Sp. z o.o.   

 Dzielna, ul. Leśna 2
42-793 Ciasna


 Invado Sp. O.o based in Dzielna is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of joinery door frames and skirting boards and finishing with MDF and laminated pine in Poland and a leading supplier of components for the furniture industry. Its market position built on the basis of decades of experience and continuous investment in technology, people and quality improvement.



On July 30, 2013. Looser Group is headquartered in Arbon (Switzerland), made the acquisition of the Company Invado through the purchase of 100 percent of the shares. The acquisition expands the portfolio segment of the door woodwork Group Looser and opens new prospects for the markets of Eastern Europe. Pages reserved in the contract confidentiality of the transaction price.


Unique features


The competition the company stands Invado technology, which is an innovative method for veneering doors, consisting in linking the veneer off the edge of the rebate. Invado technology has a significant impact on the aesthetics of finish, safety and long-term durability of products bearing the logo Invado. The edges of the doors are made of this unique technology are protected against abrasion and cracks in the decoration and remain more beautiful and new. Additionally, veneering beyond rebate makes the door Invado the only ones on the market have rounded edges for safe hands of adults and children.



The current offer, alongside modern models dominate the classic, including the reserved designs, ie. Door Scorpio, Gemini, Virgo (certificate of registration No. 13202), Aquarius (13205) Domino (13201) and Libra (13204). The company has a number of certificates, including approval for technical doors, fire and sound. Invado started cooperation with research institutes in the construction industry, in terms of fire protection and refractory solutions in the broad usable.


Doors Invado are wewnątrzlokalowymi doors and are designed for indoor use residential and office.


Quality above all


Quality policy plays a leading role in the activities and development strategy Invado, which is confirmed by ISO 9001: 2009. The high level of products and services to price and timely delivery are the primary objective of the company, guaranteeing its perception as a trusted partner.


Respect for the environment

Nature conservation and respect for the rights of local communities is a leading element of the development strategy Invado. This is confirmed received by the company in 2007, international certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which confirm that Invado in their activities rationally use of forest resources.


 INVADO Sp. z o.o. certified FSC®. Ask for certified products in our range.


Policy support for the Organization of Associations of FSC®
Certificate FSC® No: SW-COC-002133
 Invado Sp. o.o. expressly declares that at present and in the future so long as the link to the FSC, will not have a direct or indirect participation in the following unacceptable actions:
a) Illegal logging and trade in illegal timber or other products of the forest;
b) Violation of human rights and customary rights within the framework of forest operations;
c) Destruction of protected forest areas with high natural values in the context of forest operations;
d) Significant conversion of forest land to plantations or non-forest;
e) The use of genetically modified organisms in the context of forest operations;




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