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Izopanel Sp. z oo is one of the leading manufacturers of sandwich panels in Poland. Our products are seen as affordable and meet the highest standards. Contractors appreciate us very good service sales, after-sales, technical consultation and flexibility in relation to the needs of customers.
Consequently, enlarging domestic audience and trying to interest their offer customers in the eastern and northern Europe, hoping for a fruitful, long-term cooperation.
The demanding construction market, distinguishes us high quality technological solutions, worked out over the years know-how and priority attention to customers.

We say: Izopanel. We think: Team.

We are a team of many individuals, but together we create a company that for more than 20 years of successfully developing new opportunities and take new challenges. We are well aware that every person, every thought part of the process, which results in success. Each of us is a part, making Izopanel one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of sandwich panels in the country.

Our declaration is technology.

The customer is our partner in all phases of cooperation through which we always help to pass in the form of technical advice. Product Selection Izopanel is an investment in safety and durability. Therefore the quality of our work is confirmed on the one hand a bunch of satisfied customers, on the other hand a number of certifications that we have received. They are the basis for the rules to produce wisely, reliably and according to the best technology.

The quality of products is a reflection of ourselves.

Many years of presence on the market, close cooperation with customers, continuous staff development of our employees and the growing aspirations reflected in the continuous extension of our offer. We know with certainty that we produce sandwich panels belong to a small group of the best products for the construction hall system, livestock buildings, cold rooms and cold rooms and recreational facilities.