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ALPOL / ZSChiM "Piotrowice II" Sp. z o.o.

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ALPOL / ZSChiM "Piotrowice II" Sp. z o.o.
Górnicza 7 Street
39-400 Tarnobrzeg
Contact persons
Sławomir Zalewski, Technical manager,, tel. +48 668 313 023

Phone +48 15 836 41 42 or +48 15 836 40 21
Fax +48 15 836 40 20

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ALPOL ® is a leading brand of professional products including product chemistry building, which belongs to the Department of Chemical and Mineral Resources "PIOTROWICE II" Sp. z oo The company consists of experienced and competent people. Our strengths are flexibility in thinking and action, enthusiasm and inventiveness at work. Market ambassadors of the company, in addition to brand ALPOL are also other well-known brand in the market of construction chemicals: STABILL, satin and HUZAR.

The scope of our production covers over 150 wet and dry mixes, which are known in the market with its innovative solutions. Our products and services we develop in accordance with the actual needs of the customer, his requirements and expectations. The activities of the "Piotrowice II" provides comprehensive customer service including sales, logistics, training, and technical support.


Multiple Company ALPOL Sp. z oo was established in 1990. The activities of the company assumed specialization in the production and sales of hydrated lime by innovative technology guarantees the highest product quality. The modernization of the plant and starting the production of hydrated lime deeply of separated meant that the product has become indispensable for manufacturers of dry mixes in this part of Europe.

PW Alpol was the company - for the mother founded in 1998, the company ALPOL GIPS. The company has "grown" on the tradition and the site of a former Konecka Factory Paint Dry, founded in the 20s of the twentieth century. The functioning of the company started construction of the production plant, which was designed based on its many years of experience of its founders and employees. The premise of the company prevailed goal of strengthening the position of the ALPOL.

In 2016 a group of ALPOL was taken over by the Department of Chemical and Mineral Resources "Piotrowice II" Sp. z oo

market Position

ZSChiM "PIOTROWICE II" is now one of the leading manufacturers of construction chemicals. The company's management estimates that the company has over 10% share in the domestic market, hydrated lime, and the brand itself ALPOL ® among manufacturers of dry mixes takes place in the top 10 in Poland. It strengthens the company's position that its products are classified by contractors and investors on the top shelf quality.

The company is in a phase of dynamic development. In recent years, put into operation the plant gypsum calcination, which allowed to start in 2011, the production of gypsum plaster. We are constantly being developed production technology, which enables the perception of the brand ALPOL ®,STABILL, HUZAR and satin as some products, high quality, reliable and customer friendly.

Guarantee of quality

We attach great importance to the production of products with high standards. The process of their creation, preparation and implementation of the production and technical consulting deals with the Division of Research and Development, in which there are three organizational units: Department of Research, Department of Quality Control and Engineering Consultancy Services and Applications.
The company has two laboratories: Research and Quality Control. Their scope of work specifies the operational in July 2003. Institutional Quality Assurance System.

We guarantee high quality and performance of all its products and the preservation of their respective traits provided properly, in accordance with the recommendations of their storage and incorporation.

5-year warranty covers the following products:

♦ embedded products included in the complete thermal insulation systems:




  • adhesives for thermal insulation, land flush, decorative plaster, facade paints, paint spraying, concealed grid and auxiliary materials to the / system in the range of ALPOL

♦ other built-in sets of brand products ALPOL ®:

  • Adhesives for cladding ALPOL (AK AK 509 to 518) and flexible joints ALPOL ELITE (AS E50 - 69) - in the case of sticking the adhesive pad and zaspoinowania their joints flexible ALPOL ELITE
  • Nano-clinker: Nanozaprawy ALPOL AZ 120 and AZ 126, Nanobeton ALPOL AZ 129, Nanoklej ALPOL AK 518, nano-grouts ALPOL AZ 150 and AZ 156 nano-impregnating agent ALPOL AI 780 - if you perform complete construction of clinker (eg. The walls, posts, fences, facade cladding clinker) with the use of these materials in a manner consistent with the descriptions given in the technical data sheets and instructions clinker Nano-System.

All brand products ALPOL ®,HUZAR, STABILL and satin are subject to annual statutory warranty for defects in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, or two years in the case of non-consumer goods with the contract, in accordance with the provisions of the Act on special conditions of consumer sales. For complete warranty details and other information about the warranty on the products placed on the website .


ALPOL ® brand products are structured in the following product groups:

  • mortars - versatile, thin-film, clinker, special
  • joints and silicones
  • plaster - traditional (internal, external) and decorative (mineral, acrylic, silicate-silicone, mosaic)
  • floor - cement and anhydrite
  • cementitious adhesives - for cladding and insulation
  • paint - facade and interior
  • land
  • waterproofing
  • preservatives and cleaners
  • by weight of polymer
  • gypsum, adhesives, fillers and plaster
  • plasters
  • hydrated lime
  • aids

Complementary products ALPOL ® are combined in the following system solutions:

  • ALPOL EKO PLUS STANDARD - insulating walls system using expanded polystyrene (AT-15-9479 / 2015)
  • ALPOL EKO PLUS PREMIUM - insulating walls system using expanded polystyrene (ETA 15/0290)
  • ALPOL EKO PLUS WM - system insulating walls with mineral wool (AT-15-6540 / 2011)
  • ALPOL STROP WM - thermal insulation system floors doors (AT-15-8616 / 2011)
  • ALPOL HYDRO PLUS - system waterproofing bathrooms and wet rooms
  • ALPOL HYDRO PLUS T - Waterproofing system for terraces, balconies and loggias
  • ALPOL AQUA PLUS - waterproofing system pools
  • ALPOL nano-systems - a system for clinker

Detailed information on the product range ALPOL ® are available on the website .