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Dekoral Professional

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Dekoral Professional
Kwidzyńska 8
51-416 Wrocław
Contact persons
Mirosław Grzeszczak, Menedżer Projektów,, tel. 605221955
Warszawa (warmińsko-mazurskie, mazowieckie, podlaskie)
Wojciech Domański, Menedżer Projektów,, tel. 728337801
Gdańsk (zachodnio-pomorskie,pomorskie kujawsko-pomorskie, wielkopolskie)
Damian Chołast, Menedżer Projektów,, tel. 601072743
Wrocław (dolnośląskie, opolskie, lubuskie)
Piotr Koprowski, Menedżer Projektów, , tel. 661602229
Kraków (śląskie, małopolskie, podkarpackie, świętokrzyskie)
+48 800 11 33 11

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Product Dekoral Professional
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PPG Deco Poland Sp. Ltd. is a leading producer on the Polish market of paints and varnishes, including the flagship brand Dekoral. PPG Deco Poland Sp. z oo are also brand: Dekoral Professional, Dekoral Gold, Domalux, Drewnochron and Sigma. The company's products is valued by individual consumers and by professionals, first-class products used at home and abroad.

Group PPG is known and appreciated by customers worldwide. Changing the name to the identical with the name of the Group will improve the position of PPG Deco Poland Sp. z oo as a trusted, proven and reliable business partner. This will allow the continued, dynamic development of the company and will further strengthen its position in both domestic and foreign.

PPG is a global supplier of paints, industrial coatings, chemicals, optical products, glass, flat glass and other special materials. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh. PPG manages 150 industrial plants in more than 60 - five countries. The company's sales PPG was formed in 2010. At the level of $ 13.4 billion.

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Dekoral Professional Series products developed specifically for professional contractors, is a genuine tool of the latest generation, useful in the art of decoration and protection of the environment.
Dekoral Professional products provide a range of diverse, sophisticated solutions that get the job done easier. Characteristics of the products have been optimized for use by professionals, which work faster and more efficiently. A series of Dekoral Professional was created specifically to a contractor could use products that emphasize its status and qualifications, or professionalism.

Understanding the full range of products will allow you to state clearly that Dekoral Professional is only for professionals. Products Dekoral Professional can be tinted to more than 6,000 colors in a computer system coloring. The offer are specially selected to paint Dekoral Professional painting tools Dekoral Gold.

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