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ROGALA largest stone warehouses in Poland




Rogala - one of the largest of stone in Poland, with the largest warehouse with a stone in the country.

We are a manufacturer and direct importer of over 200 colors of natural stone from around the world.

FOTO: ROGALA - Magazyn Przyłęk


FOTO: ROGALA - Galeria Przyłęk


FOTO: ROGALA - Galeria Przyłęk, magazyn płytek

FOTO: ROGALA - Magazyn płytek

ROGALA - WAREHOUSE for stonemasons

FOTO: ROGALA - Magazyn




FOTO: ROGALA - Magazyn Stara Bukówka koło WArszawy

Stone with more than 500 top mines

In our offer is a stone with more than 500 top mines in the world.

Our inspectors check every unit before it goes into production.

Constantly we are looking for new colors to give you the largest selection of natural stone in Poland.

We produce 3000m² per day.


FOTO: ROGALA - Zakład produkcyjny Przyłęk koło Rzeszowa


We have production lines with a production capacity of over 2000m polished stone slabs a day. Additionally, we offer a stone in the finish:

· polished

· Slip (flamed)

· Brushed (antico)

· waterjet

FOTO: ROGALA - zakład produkcyjny Przyłęk koło Rzeszowa

We are a manufacturer, so we can offer you the stone at the best price. Our production is deployed in:

· Przyłęku (Poland, the main production plant)

· Vitoria (Brazil)

· Bangalore (India)

· Xiamen (China)

· Alicante (Spain)

· Verona (Italy)

To deliver the product complies with CE standards, we strive constantly modernizing production.

First grade.

We provide high quality product. Satisfy us to achieve a product that meets the criteria of first grade. As one of the largest of stone in Poland, we can not afford to lose the trust of customers.

QA-intensive during the whole process, starting from carefully selected blocks by checking the quality of the cut, a suitable finish, to the verification of the final product.

We offer stone in more than 200 colors.

We are direct importer and manufacturer of CDs more than 200 colors of natural stone. Our material in the first grade ensures trouble-free implementations and customer satisfaction.

comprehensive solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions. Marble, granite, travertine or onyx are ideal for interior finishes, facades and gardens. If you are looking for high quality material, you will find in our offer over 200 colors.

We are pleased to execute for you the elements which, according entrusted projects.

Our stores:

ROGALA - magazine Przyłęk (Podkarpacie)
ROGALA - magazine Pińczów (Świętokrzyskie)
ROGALA - magazine Bukówka old (Warsaw)
ROGALA - magazine Wocławy (Gdańsk) - opening summer 2012.

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