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Business profile

Pfleiderer Grajewo Group, drawing on years of experience on the market for wood is more than six years Centre for Eastern Europe Business international Pfleiderer Group. It includes a factory in Grajewo, Wieruszów, Novgorod the Great (Russia), glue factory Silekol in Kedzierzyn-Kozle and the Jura Polish forwarding company. The Group has a strong presence in Central and Eastern Europe and is growing rapidly, entering new markets, targeting new segments and more attractive and developing trade offer with new products. The mission of the Pfleiderer Grajewo Group is to build long-term relationships with direct customers and the target user of the product. In business terms, the desire to gain and maintain customers' full confidence to achieve maximum professionalism at all levels of cooperation.
The commercial offer of the company includes a wide range of laminated and veneered raw, laminated and raw HDF-in, worktops, high pressure laminates, HPL, new on the Polish market, building board MFP and furniture foils and adhesive resins. A very important aspect of the group's activity is to care for the environment. Pfleiderer has consistently taken a number of appreciated in the business ventures and investments in line with sustainable development. The company is certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), one of Europe's most important documents testifying about the ecological management of wood. The company's products they carry recognized in many markets certifications and approvals including the requirements of CARB CARB 1 and 2.
The distribution of products is based on the direct sales led to companies with high production potential as well as for medium and smaller customers served through specialized Pfleiderer Partner dealership network. Pfleiderer Partner network of over 60 outlets with excellent location, offering a comprehensive range of materials and services to both businesses and individual customers. With such solutions, the company reaches a number of market segments in a professional and convenient for the customer.
Pfleiderer marketing activity manifests itself mainly in adapting materials for the furniture to the latest trends in interior design and furniture design. Introduction of new products on the market is supported product advisory program, carried out by direct contact with customers, training, promotion offering at trade fairs and other events and activities of a wide range of PR. These activities are also an integral part of strengthening the company's position in the market both at home and abroad.
The development of Pfleiderer is done with respect for the principles of socially responsible busines, which, among others, reflected in our engagement in local communities and care for the environment. Achievements the company has been recognized by both the industry and the capital markets received many prestigious awards.


Pfleiderer is a company with well-established over many years of experience as a leading supplier to the furniture industry. The portfolio of products is the entire system of products for the modern furniture market. Among the key materials, mention may be made furniture boards, kitchen worktops, HPL laminates, as well as all the necessary accessories - including edging, or specialized adhesives. To meet the high demands of its partners, the company constantly follows new trends and solutions, which is reflected in the regular expansion of the range of decors of the new proposals. Among them, in recent times, on particular interest Gloss HX - HPL laminates, as well as the use of the structure LINEA, imitating natural wood pores.
The company's activity directed to the furniture sector will be appreciated by its partners, which Pfleiderer guarantees the highest quality service, convenient logistics solutions and security cooperation, as well as end-users of furniture. The company was awarded Partner of the Year in the ranking editorial Furniture Plus, which shows that the industry is very positive view and evaluate the activities of Pfleiderer.


The fact that construction is the engine of the economy, and hence - a wide field of possibilities of development, Pfleiderer inclined to look around for new applications of wood-based panels. The result of this research is the development of specific proposals aimed precisely to the construction sector - MFP. This is a new, technologically advanced product with a number of properties that make up the highest quality that distinguishes it in its market segment.
By combining the unique advantages of functional, qualitative and aesthetic plate MFP provides an excellent alternative to the well-known OSB.

Versatility is by far the strongest side of the author, characterized by a never seen before, including wood products durability and resistance to moisture, the proposal of Pfleiderer.
It is an innovative, multi-functional wood-plate, which can be used in the work of such a building, and finishing at every stage of the construction or renovation of the house - from the floor to the roof. It is also interesting decorative material with a pleasant, aesthetic appearance of natural wood.
MFP is a plate of solid wood, it is friendly and comfortable to install and processed, it does not require the use of professional machines. Its unique structure allows for safe and stable mounting in the hooks, screwdriving or nailing. The album MFP also has a number of useful advantages such as excellent insulating properties, both acoustic and thermal. This material thus provides the comfort of peace and tranquility, as well as savings in heating.
MFP is a unique combination of advantages of strength and functional, with high resistance to moisture - it is a huge asset to this product. As a result, the disc is extremely resistant to deformation, and delamination is not practically does not swell. Excellent moisture, ensuring adequate indoor climate and dry the walls and floors. Material MFP can be used in the construction of balconies and terraces, for finishing the bathrooms, the installation of flooring, as well as outside the building, eg. In the roof sheathings. Boasting exceptional strength parameters, the board MFP does not bend and not break under loads, withstand load up to 20 MPa, making it ideal for finishing work, for covering walls and floors.

Construction board MFP is also suitable for planking, build fancy fences or fences eg. Construction site. Over this successfully it can be used more and more popular house skeletal structures, and to build the structure shops, exhibitions and packaging production.

The product has a CE mark for construction materials, in accordance with European standard EN 13986 - P5 and hygienic certificate, issued by the Medical University of Gdansk.

Other applications

Living in a more "plastic" world looking for organic produce, friendly, typically associated with nature. Offer Pfleiderer contains just such proposals - not only for the furniture and construction industry. Processed wood is used in many areas while protecting wildlife - replacing most valuable wood material. Packaging industry has already appreciated our products - durability MFP combined with high sanitariness lets you create with the package up to foods. In turn, high quality design and exceptional performance of our Duropal HPL laminates have been used in the decor of a luxury cruise ship AIDA.