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Czaple 100
80-298 Gdańsk
Contact persons
Karol Kapelewski, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 451 049
Albert Zitterman, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 451 877
Krzysztof Borowski, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 455 267
Mateusz Szukalski, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 451 238
Bartłomiej Michułka, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 551 475
Klaudiusz Wolański, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 451 921
Grzegorz Guściora, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 451 658
Tomasz Podgórzak, Sales manager,, tel. +48 607 451 054

+48 58 694 06 48

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Company description:

Terma is a Polish producer of radiators and decorative. Its offer also heaters for radiators and a range of accessories that fully complement the range of products supplied. Since 1990, Terma produces a unique, possibly excellent functional and Visually offering them at affordable rates.

We promote Polish design and the real work of Polish designers. Evidence of this our offer, organized a competition Terma Design, Cad Terma, closed competitions for designers, supporting local, national and global initiatives that build the possibility of creating new solutions and their use.

We strive to ensure that each delivered a product ahead of customer expectations. We are looking for solutions that can change the environment around us.

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