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Tomasz Gubała, account manager,, tel. +48 501770230

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About company

Metal-Bud - Manufacturer of door handles

Metal-Bud company as a manufacturer and distributor of metal products is already known on the Polish and European market since 1965. Since the beginning of its activity, which at the beginning was based on the production of simple metal set itself the goal of quality of the final products and an attractive price - so that over the years has earned itself the opinion of the company that first put his client - offering him a high-quality products at attractive prices .

Currently, the whole activity of generation and distribution of Metal-Bud focused on the market handles and accessories for doors - on the Polish and European market, the company Metal-Bud is perceived as a brand you can trust - still argue about the thousands of shops, stores, warehouses and manufacturers of joinery for which Metal-Bud is a supplier of door accessories.

As part of the effort to recognize the entire team of our company we were in 2006 we awarded laurels consumer quality contest "Best in Poland" - our customers recognize us and our products (specifically, we offer door handles) for products with high quality and interesting design. From time to honor us this prestigious laurels quality of our company we have introduced to its offer dozens of new, exciting products which, thanks to its recognized quality on the market has been well received by the market and enjoy undiminished popularity.