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Sigma Coatings

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Sigma Coatings
Kwidzyńska 8
51-416 Wrocław
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Mirosław Grzeszczak, project manager,, tel. +48 605221955
Wojciech Domański, project manager,, tel. +48 728337801
Piotr Koprowski, project manager,, tel. +48 661602229
Damian Chołast, project manager,, tel. +48 601072743

+48 801 11 33 11

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PPG Deco Poland Sp. Ltd. is a leading producer on the Polish market of paints and varnishes, including the flagship brand Dekoral. PPG Deco Poland Sp. z oo are also brand: Dekoral Professional, Dekoral Gold, Domalux, Drewnochron and Sigma. The company's products is valued by individual consumers and by professionals, first-class products used at home and abroad.

Group PPG is known and appreciated by customers worldwide. Changing the name to the identical with the name of the Group will improve the position of PPG Deco Poland Sp. z oo as a trusted, proven and reliable business partner. This will allow the continued, dynamic development of the company and will further strengthen its position in both domestic and foreign.

PPG is a global supplier of paints, industrial coatings, chemicals, optical products, glass, flat glass and other special materials. The company is headquartered in Pittsburgh. PPG manages 150 industrial plants in more than 60 - five countries. The company's sales PPG was formed in 2010. At the level of $ 13.4 billion.

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Brand Sigma Coatings thousands of effects, ways of combining colors both on the facade of the building and in the most demanding parts of the interior and the exceptional quality of the material. Compatibility offer makes use of different combinations of colors, textures and structures and the combination of different effects helps you get surprising results.

Sigma Coatings is a top quality complete systems:

  • Paints facade and interior,
  • Enamels and lacquers,
  • Stains and varnish.

These products allow you to completely take care of the appearance of facades of buildings and solve any technical problem linked to their performance. Use of these products provides long-term protection, by creating an impenetrable barrier to contamination and aggressive environmental factors. These materials can be used in new buildings as well as in restoring the splendor of old buildings regardless of whether their facades were built of brick, plaster, stone or concrete.

Creating space is thus now easier than ever. Line paints Sigma Coatings can realize even the most daring visions. It provides a range of diverse, sophisticated solutions, which have so far remained unattainable.

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