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Heating Technology
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Exceptional comfort with many advantages.

Modern design. Tempered safety glass, framed in gently rounded profile, and topped the subtle handles. An attractive selection of models, including a screen on the bath. Models are also available with a large width, for example. Swing doors - 1200mm. The cabin Atea handles are supplied as standard in chrome, also available in white or with elements of chrome or white. Cab series is supplied with a small threshold improving tightness. Stabilizers are placed hooks where you can hang essentials. Cabin available in 1850 or 2000mm.
Kermi - Kermi - Bath screen
Kermi - Kermi - Doors open
Kermi - Kermi - Doors shuttle
Kermi - Kermi - Niche
Kermi - Kermi - Quarter-cabin
Cuya XP
Delicate, modern design in the execution of the serial. Comfort and attractive price.

Cuya XP is a new culture of showering.

Top quality delicate design of hinges and handles, precious safety glass ESG and perfectly integrated into the wall profile without visible screws.

Pure harmony, exceptional comfort in its class.

Easy to keep clean, soft closing doors, ergonomic handles ... and for this excellent value for money.
Kermi - Kermi - 01 - quarter-cab
Kermi - Kermi - 02 - opening doors with fixed and side wall shortened
Kermi - Kermi - 03 - Doors open fields with fixed
Kermi - Kermi - 04 - Niche, the door opened with fields of fixed
Kermi - Kermi - 05 - bath screen
Shower in the most practical, comfortable and the space-saving form.

Diga impresses not only design - simple and modern form, in perfect harmony with current trends, it is also extremely "lithe."
Thanks to trim profiles articulated and articulated hinge technology. This guarantees a large width of the entrance, easy to clean and practical space-saving in the bathroom. Because, if necessary, it can simply make a right on the wall decor.
Almost acrobatic flexibility Digi is complemented by all the advantages which should have modern, comfortable shower.
A well-balanced ergonomic handles, not unobtrusive but efficient sealing strips and a special, elegant stabilization.
Kermi - Kermi - Diga-folding doors swing
Kermi - Kermi - Doors swing-folding 4-piece
Kermi - Kermi - Doors swing-folding corner cubicle
Kermi - Kermi - Niche
Kermi - Kermi - Wall foldable for bath
Kermi - Kermi - Wall foldable for bath-1
Filia XP
Pristine simplicity of the line for the highest comfort bath.

Filia XP recognizes its modern design and a combination of tempered glass profile wall made of anodized aluminum, giving their surroundings very tasteful character. Equipped with a mechanism to lift the floating door opening inwards and outwards allows you to fully enjoy the comfort during use. Excellent form in brilliant proportion to the costs incurred.
Kermi - Kermi - 01- Swing door with fixed
Kermi - Kermi - 02 - Swing door with fixed fields
Kermi - Kermi - 03 - quarter-cab
Kermi - Kermi - 04 - Swing door with fixed fields, short side wall next to the bathtub
Kermi - Kermi - 05 - Entry Corner 2-partial - swing door with fixed fields - 1st Half
Elegance and comfort with many extras.

When straightforward geometry and gently rounded sensuality come together in the same place bath starts to be intoxicating event. Gia cabin attracts fresh aesthetics. The classic geometric shapes combined with tempered glass. Characteristic hinges and handles the highest quality optimally harmonize with the noble transparency tempered glass and a modern bathroom aesthetics. The hinges in the cab Gia is an example of unique technical solution: inside the cab hinges protrude beyond the glass pane. It is a functional and elegant solution for easy cleaning of the cab.
Kermi - Kermi - 01 - quarter-cab
Kermi - Kermi - 02 - bath screen
Kermi - Kermi - 03 - opening doors with fixed
Kermi - Kermi - 04 - The door opened and the box fixed to the side wall
Kermi - Kermi - 05 - Niche opening double
Ibiza 2000
Surprising quality, a surprising price.

Shower with tempered glass - at a truly affordable: Kermi Ibiza 2000. Slim, balanced design. Available in many attractive colors, eg. Silver matt. Kermi Ibiza 2000 is available in many variants, so that it can easily fit into any bathroom. A choice of sliding doors, swinging, corner entrance or walk ... to the quarter-version nadpodłogową. Cab Ibiza 2000 is also an ideal solution for small bathrooms. The innovative design of each variant makes cleaning the cabin is child's play. Height of serial performances in 1850 and 2000mm.
Kermi - Kermi - 01
Kermi - Kermi - 02 - Niche
Kermi - Kermi - 03 - quarter-cab
Kermi - Kermi - 04 - cab corner without threshold
Kermi - Kermi - 05 - cab corner-piece
Kermi - Kermi - 06 - Cabin Corner
Sovereign exclusivity combined with excellent functionality.

Anyone who delight simple forms and uncompromising functionality of fitted bathrooms, finds in the cabin Belt solutions. Pure aesthetics solutions architecturally demanding and appreciating comfort.

The highest quality hinges and sovereign design complemented by intelligent design allows comfortable, precise functioning. For example, the lift mechanism can be mounted on the floor of the cabin and ensures easy opening door. The hinges inside cabins are flush with the glass pane, this improves their appearance and easy cleaning.
Kermi - Kermi - Cab quarter-swing doors with fixed fields
Kermi - Kermi - Doors shuttle
Kermi - Kermi - Niche swing-leaf 1
Kermi - Kermi - Swing doors 1-leaf with fixed and side wall
Pasa XP
Exclusive aesthetics performed serial. Sovereign design and functionality.

Extravagant individuality and unique design.

Pasa XP is a finite perfect bathing comfort. It provides a lot of options, almost flexibly adapts to any installation space. A lot of space in a small area provide swing doors, also available in large sizes.

Ton suitable glass, flat, delicate hinges and harmoniously integrated wall profiles without visible screws.
Kermi - Kermi - Cabin Corner Swing door with fixed fields
Kermi - Kermi - Cabin semicircular swing doors with fixed fields
Kermi - Kermi - Cab quarter-way door with fixed fields
Kermi - Kermi - Niche shuttles 1-leaf with fixed
Kermi - Kermi - Swing doors 1-leaf fields and fixed side wall
The simple design and the highest quality

Sleek lines in the pristine concept of pure form of glass and aluminum. High comfort thanks windowemu opener loa. Thanks to the lightness and ease it is possible to open them both inside and outside. There is a possibility of its dimension, under special order.
Kermi - Kermi - Doors shuttle
Kermi - Kermi - Entrance corner
Kermi - Kermi - Swing doors 1-leaf
Kermi - Kermi - Swing door with fixed
Kermi - Kermi - Swing door with fixed fields, short side wall next to the bathtub


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Kermi employs 1,500 people and is one of the largest manufacturers of radiators in Europe and the leading sellers of shower enclosures in Germany. Offered products are becoming more popular.

Thanks to modern methods of production, the highest quality standards, innovative technology solutions, diverse rich and original offer've developed a brand in many countries. Numerous distribution partners around the world clearly confirm the presence of Kermi in the international market.