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SINIAT Sp. z o.o.

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SINIAT Sp. z o.o.
Przecławska 8
03-879 Warszawa
Contact persons
Wojciech Czyż, Kierownik ds. Inwestycji,, tel. 502786335
Krzysztof Nasiorowski, Kierownik ds. Systemów specjalnych,, tel. 502786364
region północny
Maciej Cipora, Kierownik ds. Systemów specjalnych,, tel. 502786401
region południowy

+48 41 357 82 00

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About Siniat



"Brand Siniat reflects our strengths and ambitions and spirit of innovation. Before us, together with the Group Etex, a great opportunity!


It's time to use our powerful skills, experience and potential of our company "




We are one of the key European supplier of solutions and building systems based on the cast.


Strong market position provide us innovation coming from our technical center in Avignon (France), and the way in which we manage our company. A competitive edge are increasing thanks to the skillful management of customer relationships and teams of employees to offer the highest quality customer service and support in sales and marketing.



The new name - Siniat is short and courageous. It symbolizes our ambition and helps release the potential latent in us.

Our new logo was inspired by the shape and dynamics of gypsum crystals - glistening, hard and clean. It symbolizes our new method of operation. Represents amounts of energy contained in our division and the ambition to shape the way in which buildings are created and increase the standard of living of their inhabitants.


The new name and new identity also required a new password, which will be our lodestar. It says: "Shaping the way people build," or loosely translated, "We shape the way we build houses," and reflects our goal, and shows strong roots in the construction industry.

unleash the potential

Depth understanding of the people and the markets is the basis of our actions. Our goal is a better understanding of what is happening in communities, cities and the space around us.

We use the knowledge of customers' needs, to identify and implement affordable and sustainable solutions. Those that will revolutionize the way buildings are built and which will increase the standard of living of their inhabitants.

We never agree to the status quo, and we always want to push the boundaries. We are determined, we want to perform better and achieve better results - outperforming and ahead of the competition. And it distinguishes us from other players in the market.


All over the world, in all of our market segments, we want to gain recognition for our unique contribution to the development of the market and change the way people build and live.


WE WANT set standards

The DNA of our company is teams of specialists, engineers and technicians, who are ambitious innovators defining standards on the market.

Our Technical Development Centres have specialized and cutting-edge devices that can measure the performance of our products and continually improve their performance.

We have a unique combination of skills, ambitions and abilities that will allow us to revolutionize the way we build houses.



  • plasterboard NIDA Hydro for use inside and outside the building.
  • NIDA PWA - lacing vibroacoustic to divisions of plasterboard with a double row bearing structure.
  • NIDA LS is a steel fitting, allowing the building of safe and stable walls with partial hull.
  • NIDA hard - gypsum fiber board with improved impact resistance, moisture and fire.
  • NIDA-ray - plasterboard with lead sheath to the premises of devices emitting X-rays.


Depth research NEEDS

We are interested in people, the environment, space and society. We understand how people use space and how they want to live.

We use the knowledge of customer needs, to identify and implement affordable and sustainable solutions that revolutionize the way buildings are created, and will increase the standard of living of their inhabitants.



Walls and ceilings are built using lightweight construction particularly resistant to impact.



The development of many groundbreaking NIDA hard. Plates NIDA hard guarantee:

  • improved impact resistance;
  • resistance to cyclic humidity;
  • increased resistance to fire.


BE indispensable partner

To achieve its goal of investing in the quality of services. Perfectly we serve customers and we fulfill the promises made.

We have a long-term perspective of action and we intend to become an integral part of our customers' business - this will allow us to creating greater value for customers and to exert greater influence on the market than the competition.






We are visionaries! We have experience and we accept the fact that we are not always able to propose appropriate solutions. However, continuously introducing new ideas created based on a thorough understanding of the needs of people, space and markets.

Here is an example:

NIDA Hydro for outdoor applications is the first gypsum board, which can be placed on the outer facades of buildings, commercial and residential.

NIDA Hydro:

  • Resistance to water and high humidity.
  • Resistance to changing weather conditions (rain, frost).
  • Impact resistance (marked 'I' according to EN 15283-1).
  • Ease of processing. Identical to the traditional system of drywall.
  • Easy to install. There is no need for pre-drilling before screwing.
  • Ease of cutting, using a standard blade for panels g-k.
  • Easy to carry. Lighter than cement board. A weight of only 10,8kg / m2.
  • High dimensional stability.
  • Resistance to mold formation.
  • Can be used as a primer under the glaze, paint, wool / polystyrene or external plaster (eg. The outer ceiling).

About the brand NIDA



When in 1990, Lafarge Gips Poland took control of the brand Nida Gips as a result of the privatization of Plant Plaster Valley Nida, the need arose to create a new common brand.

NIDA brand was launched in 2000.

Now, as Siniat, we continue to sell our plasterboard and dry wall systems for use indoors and outdoors under the brand NIDA.

We want to make it even harder associated with innovation and all the values Siniat.

Technical assistance

In order to choose the best system solution SINIAT please consult our Technical Advisors.